Answers to a host of our most frequently asked questions - from fabric options, to workshop reservations, to studio rentals.


Can I come visit the studio?

Absolutely, with an appointment, yes. All of our furniture work is done on-site, so for your safety and ours we are not open for drop-ins. We also work on short turn arounds for our clients and need to schedule ourselves accordingly. Sometimes we are offsite with clients or doing media work. Any furniture drop-offs, fabric consultations or shopping for supplies must be booked in advanced.




Can I rent your studio?

​We offer a host of private workshop parties. We can craete a project or you can choose from one of our core workshops. You can play your own music, bring in your own food or we can arrange catering. It can be as casual or as elaborate as you'd like. Great for bridal parties, birthday parties or just a night for busy friends to get together and make together.

We also rent the studio space for TV, commercials or private meetings or ongoing workshop functions for other makers. Email us for a quote:



Do you have fabric swatches I can choose from for my custom reupholstery?


We have serval options for fabric sourcing: we've hadnpicked a selection of fabrics and high grade vinyl samples from local fabric companies with warrantied durability and stain resistence that we are happy to help you order. Please request an appointment for more information. We will suggest our favourite sources (some even offer our clients discounts), give you a guideline for the most appropriate types of fabrics for your project and tell you the yardage you’ll require. You can provide your own fabric at no additional charge common in the upholstery industry. We can work with you to choose your fabric for a fee.




How do you quote on reupholstery?

All projects are quoted based on uncovering the furniture down to a bare frame. This ensures we can address any structure/durability issues and replace outdated, worn or soiled stuffings. Unless specifically asked, we do not simply cover existing upholstery – doing so increases wear and tear on the top layer and can hide a multitude of past upholstery sins. Quotes are also primarily based on photos. Upon uncovering your furniture, we may find structural damage needing repair that also requires an adjustment to your quote. We will contact you to explain what is needed and get approval for additional costs before moving ahead.



What is your timeline for custom and reupholstery projects?

​We like to focus on one custom project at a time to speed up the return of your furniture. Typically we require 3- 4 weeks to uncover, rebuild and recover your furniture. Sometimes the turn around is within a week, but cannot be promised. We will notify you when you project is complete and need you to pick it up within 72hours so other clients can deliver their projects.




I've never done any upholstery before, what workshop should I take first?

BYOP Reupholstery is our beginner to intermediate level. No experience is required and we teach you everything you need to get started and complete your first project. BYOP is required for ADVANCED REUPHOLSTERY as well as special SOFA REUPHOLSTERY workshops. We also host FROM-SCRATCH workshops such as DIY OTTOMAN and DIY HEADBOARD which are perfect for beginners. We keep class sizes small (max 6 people) so that our instructor can tailor instruction for each person. We can provide guidance to first timers on picking a project that's best suited for a reasonable challenge.


I'm registered for a workshop and can't make it. What can I do?

You can change your registration UP TO 10 DAYS PRIOR TO YOUR WORKSHOP DATE. We can find another workshop with space and scoot you into that, or if nothing works with your schedule we can refund your fee. After 10 days, your fee is non-transferable to another class and non-refundable. Unfortunately we do not have exceptions.

Our workshops are small for maximum instructor attention and the best results. We often have waiting lists and need to give people appropriate notice to take a cancellation spot.


We reserve the right to cancel or change workshops  - prior to the 10-day window, of course!


It's calling for stormy/windy/rainy weather. Will my workshop be cancelled?

​We do not cancel due to weather, with the rare exception of a state of emergency. Please plan accordingly and leave yourself lots of extra time for travel in inclement weather. For safety on the studio floors it's best to bring a change of shoes in wet/slushy weather and change inside the entrance of the studio.


I didn't finish my project during a workshop. What are my options?

​We try to guide you to projects that are achievable in a 2-day workshop and have a guide for each type of workshop on each page, but everyone works at a different pace (*and we can't guarantee finishing*). We have periodic times available for studio time called Open Studio. For $15/hr workshop clients can catch up and finish a project during workshops with extra space. Pre-booking is required. Please see the registration calendar or join our email list for date notifications.








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