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Our new studio was designed to be a home for creative adventures. For our custom furniture services: a fabric gallery + made to order consultation area. For our workshops: a gourmet kitchen for healthy meals and snacks, Janome sewing machines and individual workstations provide maximum interaction with commercial grade tools.
studio entrance
front desk
  • 2,000 sq.ft.
  • Classroom with 6 tables + upholstery tool carts
  • Industrial dyeing sink
  • Janome HD9 professional sewing machines
    + portable sewing machines
  • Powder room + adjacent accessible stalled washrooms
  • Full kitchen
  • Seating for 20
  • Dining/consultation lounge
  • Fabric + Made to Order gallery
  • Retail tool, DIY kits + accessories selection
  • Temperature control
  • Accessible entrance/open concept lobby
  • Signed parking for 5 spaces with unsigned parking lot 15yards to east
  • WiFi


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