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We obsess over every detail of a project: from quoting to meeting notes and measuring to sewing. We inspect our work several times prior to final wrapping for transport. We only use the best materials and elevated, tested techniques. We are exhaustive in our consultation process by providing images and examples of expectations, providing fabric samples to view in exact light conditions and engage principles of ergonomics and stuffing tests for your custom furniture. We are also transparent with our processes and up front + honest about expected frustrations that may arise with certain fabrics, cushion styles, environmental incompatibilities, etc. We are consumers too and we want everyone to have furniture they can live on, that looks great for years with the least amount of fuss required.
Prior to final invoicing and wrapping for transport home, completed images are sent to clients. If anything pops up about your project from these images, notify us immediately for us to investigate prior to transport home. It could be a colour issue due to photography or shadow, etc. but is best addressed prior to transport home.
Situations can arise with a variety of elements in the process of custom furniture + decor services that we are prepared for. 



All of our custom products are guaranteed for 30 days from the date of initial delivery. WAIT! Does that mean we don't expect our furniture to last beyond 30 days? No, not at all. This means that any flaw or imperfection or quality issue will be apparent within this timeframe.


It is up to the receiving client to inspect the items fully upon arrival and notify us immediately of any delivery service-related issue if booked through Restyle within 24 hours of receipt. 

Please refer to your project outline contract or any care + handling documents provided by Restyle for notes about wear + tear, expected comfort lines or things to expect with your furniture/decor items. 

Custom items are non-refundable due to the made-to-measure nature of the product. 

If your item has a defect or manufacturing flaw we will repair the item in our next available queue position. If the item cannot be repaired, we will redo the item. If the flaw is minor, we will work with you to come to an appropriate resolution such as, but not limited to, a discount. Normal wear and tear is not a flaw or defect and will not be covered under this warranty.​


IMMEDIATELY: Inspect product upon delivery


WITHIN 24 HOURS: Notify Restyle of any delivery-related issue if delivery service was booked through Restyle. Please provide clear images and details in writing of any issue so that we may connect with our delivery partners. 

WITHIN 72 HOURS: Notify Restyle of any dimensional issues on custom products.


WITHIN 30 DAYS: Notify Restyle in writing with images and details of the issue. 

AFTER 30 DAYS: If an unusual wear pattern or flaw has emerged with fabric purchased through Restyle please email us pictures and details and we will investigate. This does not include stains, dirt on light fabrics, dye transfer from clothing or other objects or normal wear and tear or any other issue covered by a waiver or detailed in your project outline contract. We specialize in fabric and textiles and know a flaw when we see it. We will work with the fabric supplier to investigate the issue as soon as possible.


Our consultation process is exhaustive and highly informational. We hope that through this initial investment in your project that you are armed with the information required to make the best choice for your project. During our consultation we will provide detailed fabric information for textures naps and visual textures as well as all information for durability and wear, UV exposure and cautions on comfort lines or environmental factors.

However, sometimes clients decide that they need something different than what was chosen. If the defect in the product is due to a client error, we will work with you to correct it at a minimal cost. However, we cannot correct the item at no charge.

All dimensions and details are provided in our project outline contract. By signing the contract and engaging the project you have accepted that all details in the outline are correct for production. Clients are responsible for ensuring all details outlined are correct before signing. If a site visit is recommended for accurate measurements and the client declines, a liability waiver will be required to proceed and the client will be responsible for all measurements provided. 

If clients want to make a change after a project goes into production we will let you know what is possible. However, due to the nature of our project queue and deadlines, a pause in your project or requested change order may incur a delay fee. If the project is too far into production, we will decide together if we should proceed or start a new estimate for the alteration or new product.


We have partnered with an efficient, cost effective and reliable delivery service called MicroMoves and pass on our partner pricing directly to our clients. However, some clients choose to transport their projects on their own. Restyle is not responsible for damage or issues that arise from clients' self-delivery or install. Any damage or issues that arise that need repair or addressing will be quoted as a new project and all fees are the responsibility of the client. If a client chooses and third party subcontractor or delivery service, our fees are applicable to client who engages the repair. Fees will apply for any mediation or consultation required with third party subcontractors.

Restyle is not responsible for the hardware used or methods employed by third party contractors for installation if Restyle's services are waived.


We provide "Bum Test Visits" and provide handling examples of stuffings for clients to make the best decision on foams and inner stuffings for their furniture. We encourage all deciding members of the family to be involved in this visit. We ask many questions to help you come to the best decision for wear and tear, maintenance required to keep furniture looking its best, support for ergonomics, longevity, supporting the fabric and general environmental conditions. However, sometimes after all the testing and options it doesn't feel perfect. Or for some clients, change doesn't feel good. In this case we will work with clients to address comfort issues with chosen foam or stuffings. The cost of changing any chosen stuffings or foams will be the responsibility of the client including any additional fabric required, labour fees, delivery and return services and new inners/stuffings. Originally chosen stuffings will not be credited or refunded as they cannot be reused.

All loose cushions benefit from regular flipping, rotation, redistribution, massaging and adjusting of covers. Despite the styled marketing images of big brands and giant manufacturers, if you sit on or use your furniture, it will look like it. But with the proper choices in fabric, inners and regular care, it can look great for years to come.

Feather and down products have a limited lifespan and information is provided about this "peak lifespan" during our consultations. Feather/down products require much regular maintenance and products show when they have not been maintained. Restyle is not responsible for the expected deflation or associated fabric wrinkling of feather/down products. 

Seat cushions (loose) typically crush over time and cause comfort wrinkles in fabric despite high quality materials. This condensing of the inner and wrinkling of the fabric cover is usually from normal wear and due to a layer of plush fiber wrap around foam inners. This fiber layer can be replaced or increased over the life of a piece of furniture for minimal cost. This service can be requested via email and quoted based on dimensions provided at the client's cost.




Ordered through us, fabric is warrantied for normal wear and tear. We will provide all information for expectations and experience with fabrics we sell and caution clients on any red flags expected. Stains, unusual rips or tears, pet or kid stains are not covered by fabric warranties. NO FABRIC IS INDESTRUCTIBLE OR STAIN PROOF.

Please consult your fabric details provided in your contract for links to supplier cleaning and care information. 

All remnants are offered to clients at the end of the project. Refunds will not be provided for any remnants. If a client declines their remnants Restyle reserves the right to reuse, redirect, donate or dispose of any remnants refused or not picked up within 30 days. 


You may provide your own fabric (COM) or designers may provide fabric on your behalf. We do not guarantee any fabric purchased elsewhere and require a signed waiver. Fabric issues with COM include flaws, wear patterns, stretching, cleaning, seam slipping or shredding.


Furniture made from scratch through Restyle is structurally guaranteed for normal wear and tear. Our frames are glued, screwed and stapled. The materials used for support such as springs and webbings are top of the line and we use only the best hardware to secure it. 

Reupholstered items that are not made by scratch from us can have a variety of issues that arise. If, during the reupholstery phase we find any issues with structure or durability, the client is notified in writing and options are given for cost-effective resolutions. However, depending on the scope of the project chosen by the client, Restyle is not responsible for frame or age-related issues of reupholstered furniture not made by Restyle and not addressed by the scope of the reupholstery contract. The 30-day warranty in this case covers only fabric purchased through Restyle and the work performed by Restyle.

Return shipping or delivery to Restyle for repair or replacement is the responsibility of the client. We will work with you on timing and the best method of delivery.


Furniture and decor purchased from our Restyle Limited collection is final sale. Due to the one of a kind nature of this collection, frames and materials used, once sold it is not reproducible. Returns will not be accepted and refunds or credits will not be provided. 

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